The INSIGHTS to know how to transform your business.

The CAPABILITIES to actually do it.

We are in the business of transformation.

Known for our focus on achieving results, we combine strategy, technology and management consulting expertise to help companies exceed their goals.

Enterprise Decisions is your unique partner who understands the critical balance of business and technology. For more than 15 years, our consultants have designed and implemented complex business transformations.

Enterprise Consulting delivers business outcomes at speed and with certainty, while helping you mitigate risk.

Strategy Consulting
Helping you solve your toughest problems

We help you to build your capabilities and to navigate critical junctures in your business.

Enterprise Consulting can help you transform their business, create new organisational models, capture value from your customer and channel strategies, increase the effectiveness of your supply chains and assets, and integrate security into your strategy to ensure the resilience of your business.

We know how critical it is for you to differentiate your capabilities from your competition — we have the experience and depth of knowledge to ensure that your business gains the competitive advantage it requires.

Finance Consulting
Helping you transform the finance function

We help you create a top performing finance department that provides timely and relevant financial information.

We support CFOs, controllers and finance directors to optimise the finance functions and to improve their contribution to the business. We enhance the capabilities of your finance systems by offering cutting edge solutions, rapidly deployed through our Rapid Implementation Methodology.

Operations Consulting
Improving the efficiency of your business

In Operations Consulting we deliver tangible results for clients no matter how challenging the problems being faced.

We know how critical it is for you to drive customer engagement, improve quality and efficiency, digitise and transform your operations, services and products – and to do all of this at a far lower cost..

We help you achieve these goals so that your can grow faster, smarter and gain advantage over your competitors.

Technology Consulting
Leveraging technology to enable transformation

In Technology Consulting we use cutting edge IT solutions that provide competitive advantage over your competition.

Technology is an important enabler of business transformation. To assist you in getting value from technology investments, we bring together the key skills to deliver improvements in processes.