World class PLANNING with the simplicity of the Cloud.

We help businesses of any size to quickly implement a world-class planning and budgeting solution with Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud.

Custom Models

Create your own custom planning and forecasting models to meet your specific needs, using the ease and power of Cloud.

Quick Implementation

Leverage built-in tools and build planning models using your existing excel worksheets to help accelerate implementation time, getting you up and running within a few weeks.

First-Rate Functionality

Benefit from first-rate planning and forecasting functionality.

Flexible Deployment

Meet the ever-changing needs of your business with flexible deployment options.

Cloud Services
Cloud is here and now for every business and industry.

Cloud computing—the dynamic provisioning of IT capabilities, whether hardware (IAAS), software (SaaS), or services from a third party over a network—is a delivery model that can provide increased operational and financial flexibility and reduced maintenance and support.

Cloud offers the ability to source, scale and deliver computing capacity. Benefits of cloud computing include improved speed to market, scalability and capacity, lower total cost of ownership, little to no capital requirement, and operational, contractual and financial flexibility. With a public, private or hybrid cloud, enterprises are able to better respond to the changing needs of the business and create new services to improve performance.

Cloud is nothing short of a revolution. Allowing companies to be faster, more innovative and more competitive.

Cloud Strategy

Cloud is both a catalyst and a connector. We help create a cloud strategy that is a business strategy – and a foundational source for innovation and growth.

Cloud Applications

It’s time for a new approach to building and consuming cloud applications. Enterprise Decisions can rapidly deploy a cloud application for you, such as a web application or eCommerce site, where you do not have to pay large sums of money for. Completely avoid any investment cost and simply pay affordable monthly subscription costs on a "pay as you go" basis. No long contracts, no large investments, simply a robust, stable and powerful cloud application at your finger tips.

Journey to cloud

Every enterprise is on a unique journey to the cloud. Through our industry knowledge and experience we can plan and execute the swift move of infrastructure to the cloud.